Netflix Year in Review: 17 best Netflix Originals of 2017

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13. Godless

Thank goodness for Godless! This fabulous mini-series was Netflix’s really solid premiere attempt at a western. In light of the explosive popularity of the HBO show Westworld, I’d hazard a guess this exploration of an otherwise generally underappreciated genre was fairly lucrative for the streaming service.

While it doesn’t look like we’ll get a second season or anything (because “mini” series, duh), Godless is definitely still worth watching. It is easy to binge all seven episodes over a weekend, making for a great introduction to westerns if you’ve never really seen one before.

Starring the ever talented Michelle Dockery and Jeff Daniels (who plays a villain!!), Godless is largely about the small western town of La Belle, New Mexico. A former bad boy named Roy Goode hides out in the town as his former mentor hunts for him. This town is unusual, however, as it is populated almost entirely by women. How will Roy fare in unfamiliar territory?

This show is awesome. The feel is just different from Netflix’s other shows; it reads more like a show that would classically appear on networks like HBO or Showtime. This is a great sign for the streaming service, proving they can hold their own and throw their hat into the ring when it comes to awards.

If you haven’t had the chance to tune in yet, please do! The brief nature of the show makes for a quick watch with high rewards. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be pushing westerns on your friends and watching through an entire collection of Clint Eastwood movies.