Netflix Year in Review: 17 best Netflix Originals of 2017

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Photo Credit: American Vandal, Tyler Golden/Netflix
Photo Credit: American Vandal, Tyler Golden/Netflix /

15. American Vandal

This show. Is. Hilarious.

Look, it’s definitely not going to fit the bill for everyone’s sense of humor. But if you can understand what it’s making fun of and you appreciate its subtleties, then American Vandal will definitely be a good match for you. Netflix’s Original comedies never seem to quite live up to the masterwork of their dramas, but this series really seems to hold its own.

American Vandal was conceived by the minds over at Funny or Die, the comedy website and production company founded by lovable comedian Will Ferrell and his buds. This show is a truly outrageous satire, spearheading popular true crime documentaries like Netflix’s own ultra-popular Making a Murderer.

Instead of killers or other scary assailants, American Vandal showcases a crime about the simplest of funny subjects: penises. After twenty-seven school faculty cars are found spray-painted with the genitalia, local bad boy Dylan Maxwell is charged with the offense. Follow a film crew led by bright-eyed Peter Maldonado as they interview Dylan, his classmates, and teachers and try to uncover the true nature of the crime.

This show went over like gangbusters and (thank goodness) has already been renewed for a second season. Here’s hoping Netflix can keep up the hilarious momentum they built up in season one.