Netflix Year in Review: 17 best Netflix Originals of 2017

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1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is such a gimme on this list, I kind of had a hard time including it. If you haven’t been binging this show on a nonstop loop since it’s season two premiere this past October, you *might* not be a normal American.

Stranger Things tells the story of 1980s Hawkins, Indiana, a small town with some very big secrets. After a monster is accidentally released into the area by a mysterious lab, local boy Will Byers disappears. It’s up to his bright-eyed and nerdy young friends to find him and bring him home.

In season one, their search leads them to one human experiment, an encounter with the “Upside Down,” and plenty of old-school horror scares. Stranger Things 2 picks up not too long after the action of the first season, with some of the old problems solved, but with a new threat on the prowl.

The second Stranger installment was seriously awesome. It got reviews that were virtually just as good as the first season and many fans found joy in new characters and new 80s references.

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If you haven’t yet watched the show, don’t despair. You certainly haven’t missed the boat. While you’ve almost assuredly had at least one or two things spoiled for you by the Stranger Things hungry masses, this show will still undoubtedly ring in as fun and spooky despite any reveals.

Start watching now, as the third season was recently confirmed. Here’s hoping for a big release sometime late next year!