Netflix Year in Review: 17 best Netflix Originals of 2017

Stranger Things - Photo Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Photo Credit: Netflix /
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Ozark- Photo Credit: Netflix
Ozark- Photo Credit: Netflix /

2. Ozark

This dark and moody drama kind of slipped under the radar during a crazy summer of premieres. Here’s the lowdown in case you missed this hidden gem.

Ozark was an unexpected masterpiece in more ways than one. Funnyman Jason Bateman transforms as the twisted and determined Marty Byrde, a financial advisor who gets in bed with the Cartel.

After his business partner decides to screw over the other players in a major money laundering scheme, Marty is forced to make things up to an angry Cartel with an offer to earn back lost funds via a business venture in the Ozarks. He takes his family with him on the move across the country, including his unfaithful and disenchanted wife (played by the incomparable Laura Linney).

The cast members really give incredible performances, especially the child actors who play young characters barely scraping by in the dark, twisted world in which their parents have raised them. Each moment is so believable; you will feel transported away to Marty’s dangerous new home in the Ozarks.

Things get crazy real fast with this show. It’s full of violence, sex, and mind-blowing intrigue. Ozark isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly an excellent watch for those willing to stick with it through the grim subject matter and the leading characters unworthy of our sympathy.

It premiered in late July of this year, so there’s only one season to binge through for now. It’s been renewed for a second season though, so get excited for the gifts that will come with 2018!