Netflix Year in Review: 17 best Netflix Originals of 2017

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3. The Crown

The Crown is a beautiful series enriched by riveting history, gorgeous costuming, and precocious acting. Both critics and its faithful audience alike praise its technical brilliance, as well as its addictive nature despite its slow pace.

This Netflix Original follows the story of Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarch who married at 25. As a woman (and a young one, at that), Elizabeth’s reign faces its fair share of challenges. She must maneuver a particularly chaotic time in Britain’s history and develops a friendship with Prime Minister Winston Churchill as she learns the ways of leading with grace.

Season two, which premiered at the end of this year, tackled the Suez Crisis. This season was particularly important for fans to watch, as the series plans on recasting actors every two seasons.

This show is very technically sound. The history is meticulously researched and all the extra work really goes a long way, as every moment is entirely believable. Of course, the excellent acting also really adds to this effect.

I’m always a big fan of anything starring the incredible John Lithgow, who delivers in season one perfectly as the iconic Winston Churchill. He plays well off of Claire Foy, who stars as Queen Elizabeth herself. Their moments together are perfection. Of course, Matt Smith, too, brings down the house as Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The chemistry between leads is undeniable.

Check out this lavish historical drama soon, as the third installment of The Crown will likely air at the end of next year.