Netflix Year in Review: 17 best Netflix Originals of 2017

Stranger Things - Photo Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Photo Credit: Netflix /
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13 REASONS WHY – Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix
13 REASONS WHY – Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix /

7. 13 Reasons Why

Man, was this show shrouded in controversy. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the material that many deemed not suitable for general audiences.

You probably know by now that 13 Reasons Why follows the intertwined story of Hannah and Clay, a teenage girl who committed suicide and the boy who could have saved her. Hannah’s story is very long, leading you to the 13 people who contributed to her depression and ultimate death. It depicts the seedy side of high school, including teenage alcoholism, bullying, and even sexual assault.

It’s all very tragic and very timely. Every day, it seems like we hear of more teenage suicides. This show hit close to home for many people and, whether you agree with the material or not,  is very well done.

Hannah feels very relatable. She’s so relatable, in fact, the show was picked up for a second season thanks to fan response. Since it was based on a single Young Adult novel by Jay Asher, this additional installment came as quite the surprise. 13 Reasons Why season two should be hitting Netflix sometime next year, and is rumored to answer several of the questions left unanswered by the first thirteen episodes.

The second installment promises to improve upon the first, which will be quite the feat. My biggest complaint about season one was how it forcibly stretched the novel’s source material across thirteen very long episodes. Since the second season will work with original ideas, it’s sure to have a more natural flow that will keep 13 Reasons Why feeling fresh.