Stranger Things 2: Eleven’s top 5 bitchin’ moments

Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix
Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix /
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Stranger Things 2
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1. Eleven closes The Gate

What happens: With Eleven’s felicitous return, Chief Hopper has a way to get rid of the Upside Down. Both drive to the Hawkins’ Lab and she seals the breach before the Shadow Monster can get through.

Bad bitchin’ or cool bitchin’?

Definitely cool bitchin’. And intense, too.

Eleven outdoes herself in this one and channels more power than she has ever done before, so much that her feet take off the floor before she collapses hardly, unconscious. The superhero aesthetics used to enhance her heroic action is evident here, even more so that this moment is the culmination of the character’s initiatory journey into becoming a hero. She knows who she wants to be. Eleven —or shall we say, Jane— shines as she uses her powers for selfless purposes, giving all of herself to save the people she cares about, but also to save the town. To save her “home”.

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Hawkins is safe (for now) and that is all her doing. That is the ultimate “compromise” that had been foreshadowed back in Chapter 2.

Special mention to the emotional father-daughter bonding that follows when Jim holds her tight in his protective and loving embrace and Eleven, at last, finds all the comfort she needs in this moment in the arms of a father who is proud of her.

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