Stranger Things 2: Eleven’s top 5 bitchin’ moments

Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix
Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix /
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Stranger Things 2
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3. Eleven attacks one of the “Bad Men”

What happens: In Chapter 7, Eleven meets former cellmate at Hawkins Lab Kali (fka Eight) and her vigilante crew in Chicago. Because of her extraordinary abilities, she is soon enrolled in (that’s when the sleek hair and the smudge under the eyes happen). Their goal: make themselves justice and get revenge on the Bad Men who caused them harm in the past. Looking at the guilty parties board, Eleven recognizes one of the scientists who hurt her mother many years back.

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They break into the man’s house and Eleven uses her powers to torture him. Her anger fueled by Kali’s words, she goes on to choke him the death. That is until she sees a picture of the man with who appear to be his daughters (who are hiding in a closet in another room) that Eleven changes her mind and releases him from her telekinetic grip. After unsuccessful prompting, Kali aims a gun at him and is about to pull the trigger when Eleven jolts it out of the window.

Bad bitchin’ or cool bitchin’?


In this standalone episode, Eleven has a rite of passage which has her decide the type of person she wants to be and what use she wants to make of her gift. Kali is her alter ego, the version Eleven could have become had she not cross paths with her friends and Jim. As the episode is called, Eight is the lost sister: a child identical to Eleven on many levels but who has lost her way when her pursuit of justice turned into a hunt for revenge.

Eleven is tested the same way and gets to explore her darker side but chooses the other option when she lets go of her rancor and finally finds peace of mind.

The scene brilliantly transitions from bad bitchin’ to cool bitchin’ as Eleven fiercely embraces her heroine side and flips Kali’s gun out of the window.

This scene is the ultimate breaking point for the two sisters who are too incompatible to stay together. Eleven has also grown from this experience and come to understand that her home is where Jim and her friends are. She leaves Chicago for Hawkins and she is only cool bitchin’ from that point.