Stranger Things: Eleven was supposed to die at end of season 1

Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

Can you imagine a world where Stranger Things killed off Eleven after the first season? That was the initial plan.

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You may or may not be finished with your binge-watch of Stranger Things 2, but I want you to think back to that groundbreaking first season for a minute. Now, think back to the season finale when the Demogorgon was terrorizing Hawkins, Indiana and crashed through the walls of Hawkins Middle School. Lucas took out his slingshot and fired off a few shots at the creature from the Upside Down in an attempt to be the hero.

The slingshot wasn’t the weapon they needed to defeat the Demogorgon. The weapon they needed was a young girl with a buzzcut who had special abilities. Eleven saved the day when she used her powers to pin the Demogorgon against the chalkboard and the monster blew up into a million flecks of dust. Eleven vanished with the Demogorgon, leaving Mike sad and alone, and life went on in Hawkins as if Eleven never came into their lives.

And that was how Stranger Things was supposed to end, with Eleven sacrificing herself to save her friends. Eleven was initially supposed to die in Stranger Things when the show was planned to be an anthology series. Thankfully, that never came to fruition and the show pivoted and abandoned the once-popular limited series model and Eleven came back in all her glory for Stranger Things 2.

"“Maybe I shouldn’t say this because I like to pretend that it was all planned out, but it was originally pitched as a limited series,” co-creator Ross Duffer said, via CinemaBlend. “So it was like, Eleven was gonna sacrifice herself and save the world and then that was gonna be it, because there was a moment where limited series were a big deal.”"

Now Eleven is a pop culture icon and could be in line for a movie career once Stranger Things finishes its run on Netflix. That could be for two more seasons, but thankfully, the show abandoned the limited series model and their plans to kill off the beloved character. I’d gladly sacrifice 1,000 Barb’s before one Eleven.

It’s just crazy to think what would have happened had Stranger Things stuck with the initial plan. Would the show have been as popular? Would Millie Bobby Brown have blown up to one of the most famous actresses working today? Would there have even been a second season and what was the plan for that if there was?

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Good thing we don’t need to answer those questions because Eleven is safe and sound and will be back for Stranger Things 3 next year.