Stranger Things: Why Nancy and Jonathan are meant for each other

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Stranger Things – Photo Credit: Netflix
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4. They’re both low-maintenance

Both Jonathan and Nancy have proven time and again that they can take care of themselves.

Not only do they battle a monster without adult supervision, but they’ve also made a solo trip away from home, uncovered government secrets, and individually investigated terrifying demogorgon activity. They’re nothing short of awesome.

Not only do they require very little handholding through the scary stuff, but they’re also just easy to be around. Neither Jonathan nor Nancy seem to need too much emotional support; heck, Jonathan basically took over a whole household when Joyce fell apart in the first season.

They may still be in high school, but these two are clearly more adult than teen. They are low-maintenance in life, and I would, therefore, hazard to guess that they are both low-maintenance in relationships.

Even when they fight—remember that disheartening scene when Nancy awkwardly confronts Jonathan at the motel?—it’s really not over-the-top. Neither seems to get too heated, despite having obviously strong feelings. If only every relationship were so simple!

This has made for easy compatibility between the two in their friendship alone, but despite my optimism, we will have to wait until season three to see if this easy-going relationship they’ve got going can propel them past high school. With the time jump promised for after Stranger Things 2, it will be interesting to see if they can maintain a good thing.

Young love seems to typically rely more heavily on passionate feelings rather than stability. Take, for instance, Steve’s need for validation, his desire for Nancy to say she loves him. I want that for Steve, I really do, but this just doesn’t seem to be what Nancy needs.