Stranger Things: Why Nancy and Jonathan are meant for each other

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3. They make a good team

The way that Jonathan and Nancy work together definitely inspires couple goals.

Once she puts her mind to avenging Barb’s death, Nancy is kind of a boss. She learns how to shoot a gun, she puts her own fears behind her to travel into the Upside Down, and she even goes on a mission to take down a government-run lab. Through it all, Jonathan stands by her and never once gets in her way.

Instead, he supports and encourages her. He wants her to be her best self, to be fearless and able to hold her own. He certainly doesn’t shy away from a strong woman. Having a mom like Joyce really raised this boy right!

Instead of belittling Nancy, Jonathan works together with her and they make for an excellent tag team. They listen to one another, helping each other solve problems that even the adults don’t seem to be able to tackle.

Together they are able to wound the Demogorgon, which was a real turning point in the first season. It’s all thanks to their ability to understand one another and build well off of one another’s ideas. They both contribute to the relationship and seem to view one another as equal partners.

Stranger Things 2 may not have featured as big a fight between Nancy, Jonathan, and the forces of the Upside Down, but it still prominently featured their teamwork. Despite having spent a great deal of time apart, when Nancy comes to Jonathan about her guilt over Barb’s death, he is quick to get on board with taking down the folks who buried her.

Together they just put a pretty big hole in Hawkins Lab!