Stranger Things: Why Nancy and Jonathan are meant for each other

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Stranger Things
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2. Nancy just keeps coming back

Jonathan Byers is the itch that Nancy Wheeler just can’t scratch.

Stranger Things 2 takes place about a year after the events of the first season, and while Nancy has seemingly “moved on,” it’s clear that she just can’t shake her memories of and feelings for Jonathan.

Proof of this is found in her attempts to rekindle their friendship. She tries to spend time with him in the hallways at school. She even invites him to Tina’s Halloween Bash.

When the two take to the road to deliver the Hawkins Lab tape to Murray, they spend the night in a motel. It’s like Nancy can’t help herself: she brings up how hurt she’s been that Jonathan basically ghosted her after the events the year before. She wants his friendship back, and she’s extending the olive branch.

Other evidence of this desire to spark things again with Jonathan is illustrated by just how much Steve is bothered by Nancy’s behavior. It’s clear that he knows something is wrong in his own relationship with Nancy. Even the other guys at school brazenly tease Steve that Nancy is taking up with Jonathan behind his back. She definitely can’t seem to let Byers go, and apparently, everyone knows it.

Even though Jonathan himself takes a bit more cajoling to warm back up to Nancy (she’s someone else’s girl, after all), Nance just doesn’t seem to give up. Her persistence at the start of the season isn’t even romantic. She just wants his friendship, which seems to be even more pure and great evidence that their future relationship will be built on a solid foundation.