Stranger Things: Why Nancy and Jonathan are meant for each other

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1. “Shared trauma”

Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship was conceived by necessity. After Nancy realized there was more in the woods behind Steve’s house than just a bear, the pair got together to find and take down the demogorgon and hopefully retrieve Will Byers in the process.

They were definitely an odd couple at first; Jonathan was the outcast while Nancy was the pretty girl getting in with the popular crowd. Still, they shared experiences that forced them to overcome social boundaries and get to know each other. These experiences were terrifying and unique, and it would be hard for many people to quite understand what it’s like to be sucked into/save someone from the Upside Down.

As was pointed out by Murray, there’s just something important about “shared trauma.”

Jonathan and Nancy will always understand things about one another that they will never be able to fully explain to anyone else. They have no justifying to do with one another about their histories and they understand what colors the other partner’s motivations.

This is an important part of relationships. If you experience something traumatic alone, your romantic companion may never be able to relate to you and your differences may prove to be a stumbling block in growing together.

This is not to say that you can’t overcome trauma that your partner did not experience with you: people do this all the time. In the case of Jonathan and Nancy though, it definitely helps that they’ve probably got the same nightmares these days.

Plus, their traumatic pasts were what first charged their chemistry. Remember that tender scene when they shared Nancy’s bed post-demogorgon encounter?