Stranger Things: Why Nancy and Jonathan are meant for each other

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Five reasons why Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers are meant for each other in Stranger Things.

In light of my hesitance with him in season one, let me freely admit here that Steve Harrington truly redeemed himself in Stranger Things 2. So when Nancy and he called it quits, it was hard to see him single and struggling. He’d come such a long way and we want to see him be happy!

Still, our desire for Steve to get the girl shouldn’t outweigh the fact that he and Nancy were no perfect match. In fact, she has another guy clearly better suited for her: Jonathan Byers.

Jonathan is the more sensible choice and the more understated guy thanks to his natural meekness, that’s for sure. Don’t let his quiet nature fool you though. When it came down to it, he swept Nancy off her feet in season two and it doesn’t seem like she’s looking back.

He’s proved himself time and again to be a good match for her; he’s someone who can keep up with her and work as her equal. Most importantly, he’s a good partner, not just a good boyfriend.

Although there’s still a little bit of a love triangle going on, I think you should all be rooting for Jonathan and Nancy to be the couple that ends up together. Trust me: with the hair of a God and his stellar abilities with kids, Steve will find a better match for him in time.

In the meantime, here’s a list of five reasons why Nancy and Jonathan are meant for each other. And, no, they’re a good match for more than just their hashtag-able celebrity couple name, “Jancy.”