Stranger Things 2 easter eggs: Guide to every 80s reference

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Halloween – Max dressed as Michael Myers from Halloween and scared the boys with her mask and knife.

Indiana Jones – When Hopper was trapped by the vines underground, Joyce and Bob came to his rescue and cut him loose. When Hopper was poised to return to the above-ground world, he couldn’t leave behind his trusty hat, reaching back for his hat just like Dr. Jones.

IT – From Bob’s references to having nightmares about a creepy clown to the references to moving to Maine to kids in the tunnel at the end, it’s hard to ignore the references to another King masterpiece.

Jurassic Park – Remember when the Velociraptors were running wild after Tim and Lex who had to hide out in the kitchen? Wasn’t that awfully reminiscent of the scene inside Hawkins Lab where Bob tried to elude the Demodogs long enough to get everyone to safety? If only there was a T-Rex to save Bob.

Mr. Mom – Bob doesn’t like scary movies so he rents Mr. Mom for the family movie night. The Michael Keaton – Teri Garr movie was a popular rental from Blockbuster back in the day.

Nightmare on Elm Street – Remember that slimy ooze that Eleven had to crawl through to escape the Upside Down? That’s a nod to the way Freddy Krueger would move between the dreamscape and the real world in the Wes Craven horror franchise.

Poltergeist – Another reference to a horror movie is when Eleven is sitting in front of the gray static from the old TV in Hopper’s cabin. She uses the static screen to communicate with her mama and visit the Void. This is much like what Carol Anne did in the horror movie when she got trapped in their version of the Upside Down.

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Punky Brewster – When Eleven and Kali catch the man they’re going to exact revenge upon, they catch him while he’s watching Punky Brewster.

Risky Business – Were you wondering what Nancy and Steve’s costumes were at the Halloween party? They dressed as Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay from Risky Business.

Stand By Me – Another King reference is made when Dustin and Steve are walking the train tracks as they leave fresh meat for Dart to find them. During the walk, they’re talking about girls and how to have the perfect hair. Good thing there were no trains that forced them to run for their lives, leeches or a dead body along the way.

Star Wars – Chapter Seven was the most controversial among fans, but it was an important one for Eleven. In this episode, Eleven is all on her own, much like Luke who learns how to harness his powers from Yoda as Eleven learns how to channel her anger so she can move a train car. Eleven was clearly faced with joining the dark side and following Kali and her band of misfits or returning to Hawkins to save the day. She chose wisely.

The Road Warrior – The first episode was titled, Mad Max.

Warriors – The movie just missed the cut for the 80s but the 1979 movie about rival street gangs was so obvious. From the mohawks, makeup and fashion to the graffiti on the buildings, this was an obvious reference.

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