Stranger Things parents are pretty much clueless

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Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

Outside of Joyce Byers, the parents on Stranger Things are pretty much absent-minded and let their kids get into adventures for days at a time without worry.

As a child of the 80s, I can attest that the parenting shown on Stranger Things is pretty darn accurate. There is no helicopter parenting where parents are constantly hovering their children and every single little decision or action they do on any given day. So while watching Stranger Things 2, it’s pretty funny how the parents, outside of Joyce, are practically nowhere to be found while the kids are traveling across state lines, fighting Demodogs and basically fighting for survival.

Joyce Byers is the mom of the year for the attention she gives Will, but the parents for Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Steve and Max are practically invisible. That could be by design because the storyline is so centered around the kids, but it could also be by design because the parenting styles of the 80s are a far departure from what kids growing up today have experienced.

That notion was tweeted so eloquently by Jessica Elis who went viral with the tweet below about 20-year-olds saying the Netflix series isn’t realistic because the parents actually let them do things on their own.

Think about it, back in the 80s, parents would tell their kids to go outside, ride their bikes, play with their friends and basically to just come home when the street lights come on. That’s why you’ll see Dustin, Lucas and Max playing at the arcade for hours on end. That’s why you’ll see Jonathan and Nancy come up with a lie saying they are staying with a friend when they’re secretly driving to Chicago for a secret mission. None of that would fly today because parents would track your car or cell phone and you’d be grounded for life.

But it’s hilarious when Dustin goes to the Wheeler home asking if Mike is home and Mr. Wheeler has no earthly idea where his son is. And he had no earthly idea where his daughter was either. Dustin’s mom had no idea that her son was keeping a baby demodog in his bedroom or that this creature ate her cat. Lucas’ parents seemed nice but they didn’t seem to raise an eyebrow to the notion of him having a new girlfriend or that he was getting into another adventure eerily reminiscent of the near-death experience from season 1. Not even a little suspicious.

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Kids these days have no idea how easy us 80s kids had it back then. We had the freedom to ride our bikes and not be tethered to our phones, video games or fun electronic gadgets at home. Thankfully, Stranger Things provided an accurate representation of what it meant to be a kid in the 80 with the parenting style they show.

As for Joyce Byers, make sure she gets an extra box of chocolate for Mother’s Day because she’s been through hell and back the last two years.