Stranger Things 2 spoilers: Was there justice for Barb?

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix /

One of the bigger questions entering Stranger Thing 2 was whether there would be justice for Barb. Now we have that answer.

There were a number of questions fans had before watching Stranger Things 2, but one of the most frequently asked, that also resulted in an online movement, was whether there would be justice for Barb.

After Barb was taken to the Upside Down by the Demogorgon where she later died, there wasn’t much attention given to the missing girl from Hawkins as all the attention surrounded the return of Will Byers.

But what about Barb who left behind a mom and dad who were wondering what happened to their daughter? Why didn’t Nancy do something to clue them into what exactly what happened to their little girl? The fans who weren’t happy with how that storyline was just left hanging started the “Justice for Barb” campaign.

After watching Stranger Things 2, was there justice for Barb?

It’s a bit of a loaded question that deserves more than a yes or no response. Let’s break it all down from the beginning.

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Nancy is feeling guilty about hiding this secret. She knows it’s dangerous to reveal the truth because the bad men are still out there, but she and Steve go to Barb’s house for dinner. There, they see the house is up for sale as they dine on their KFC.

The house is on the market so Barb’s parents can pay for the investigative journalist, Murray Baumann, to dig up the truth about Barb’s disappearance. They still believe they’re going to find her alive, which sends Nancy into an emotional tailspin.

She can’t just come right out and say a Demogorgon took your daughter and it died in the Upside Down. Nancy turns to Jonathan for help bringing the truth to the surface in the only way they know how. They set up a trojan horse trap that gets them inside Hawkins Lab where Dr. Owen gives them a tour and basically admits to everything and trying to silence everyone. Nancy takes a page out of Nancy Drew’s playbook and had a tape recorder get that admission on tape.

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The second phase of this plan is to take the tape to Murray but he says it’s so far-fetched and crazy that no one will believe this so they water it down. They come up with the story that Barb was exposed to a fatal leak from Hawkins Lab that resulted in her death. The parents find out Barb is dead and there is a funeral.

In that sense, yes, there was justice for Barb, because at least, there was closure and Barb’s parents can have that answer instead of clinging to false hope.

However, there was no body retrieved, so what was in that casket and how were they able to prove the cause of death without a body. Did the parents ask to see the body? Did they ask to meet with the people of Hawkins Lab? It’s all just glossed over and when the casket was lowered into the ground that was the end of Barb and her story.

So in that sense, there wasn’t justice for Barb at all.