Stranger Things 2: The 6 best fan service moments

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Hopper and Eleven

Now, this was awesome and warmed my heart right up. After Eleven returned from the Upside Down, Hopper took her in and gave her a home. He turned his grandfather’s old cabin in the middle of the woods into a safe house for her. He knew he had to keep her safe because the FBI was looking for her. This didn’t sit well with Eleven who wanted to see Mike and the rest of her friends. It resulted in Hopper feeling frustrated as a parent of a middle schooler and Eleven feeling cooped up and stifled by her new papa.

This was one of the better moments of the series because these two incredible actors were going toe-to-toe with each other. Eleven was using her powers to push furniture around and slam doors and Hopper was raising his voice. It was pretty intense and reminiscent of many conversations between parents and pre-teens.

Eleven thought she could dress up as a ghost for Halloween and join her friends since she’d be undercover, but Hopper put the end to that idea right away and told her he’d bring her candy and they’d watch a scary movie. When Hopper is late after dealing with the tainted pumpkin patches and the spread of something sinister, he tried to make it up to Eleven, but she was really upset.

She ended up leaving the cabin and going on a mission to the school where she saw Mike with Max and that made her even madder. What made Hopper really mad was the cops were called after she was spotted in town. The one thing Eleven had to do was stay in the cabin and that really upset Hopper who is just trying to keep her safe and sound.

After Hopper got trapped in the Upside Down and Eleven went on a journey to meet her mom and later her sister Kali who was in the rainbow room with her in Hawkins, they reunited at the Byers home at the end of Chapter 8. She was dressed in her punk rock garb and Hopper had a perfect dad reaction to that and just wanted to know where she was. He wasn’t too invasive and didn’t try to push boundaries. It was like he knew they had both been through an ordeal and getting in another fight wasn’t the answer.

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Together, they went down and closed the gate, which was an emotional scene for the both of them, but that just set the stage for the best moment between the two. After Hopper met with Dr. Owen at a diner, who he had saved in Hawkins Lab and introduced to Eleven, he gave Hopper an envelope that had a birth certificate for Eleven, who is now officially Jane Hopper.

The man who lost his daughter early in life has now fully adopted Eleven as his own. This new father-daughter duo was such a fantastic moment and I’m so glad the two are able to find happiness and a sense of family together. It’s enough to make a man cry.