Stranger Things 2: The 6 best fan service moments

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Mike and Eleven

My heart broke for poor Mike this season. He missed Eleven so much and the pain was so clear on his face and in his words. He tried to talk with Eleven through the walkie-talkie to see if she was safe, to see if she was out there, anywhere, after she disappeared after defeating the Demogorgon. Viewers knew where she was, but Mike had his heart ripped out of his chest as he went through his first breakup.

Mike called Eleven on the walkie-talked every day for 352 days. He didn’t get an answer any of them but he never gave up. He always thought about her, was mad at Max for trying to join their party, which Mike felt was like replacing Eleven and he always brought her up in conversations.

Little did Mike know that Eleven wasn’t so far away after all. After she got out of the Upside Down, she found Hopper who took her into an old family cabin in the woods and kept her safe from the bad people. It’s not until the end of episode 8 when Eleven saves the day when the Byers home is surrounded by the demo-dogs after the Mind Flayer found where Will was that Mike sees her.

Eleven returned from her sojourn to Chicago where she met her Hawkins sister Kali aka 008, and send a demo-dog flying through the window after she used her powers to ki it. In walks Eleven, looking like a punk rock girl from MTV, and Mike’s expression on his face was enough to make the toughest person break down in tears. Reunited and it feels so good.

After Eleven closed the gate and order was restored to Hawkins, Mike and her got to make some happy memories at the Snow Ball. Remember Mike asked her at the end of season one before he planted a kiss on her, and before she disappeared for a year. Now, one year later, they could share a dance and a kiss. It was a sweet, sappy moment at the end of an epic adventure.