Stranger Things 2: The 6 best fan service moments

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Stranger Things 2
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Nancy and Jonathan

After season 1, everyone seemingly hated Steve and wanted Nancy to break up with the typical 80s jock for Jonathan, the brooding photographer with a shared traumatic past. Fans online were shipping Nancy and Jonathan, or as they called it “Jancy” and they didn’t have to wait too long to get their wish.

It seemed inevitable, right?

Nancy was overcome with the guilt stemming from the cover-up of Barb’s disappearance and death and she tried to mask her pain by drinking “pure fuel” at Tina’s Halloween party. Drunk Nancy tells Steve it’s all bulls**t and tells him she doesn’t really love him. Jonathan takes her home after Steve walks out heartbroken and tucks her in bed without her parents noticing how drunk she was. Sidenote: Do the Wheeler parents know what’s going on with their kids?!

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From there, Nancy and Jonathan went on a mission to deliver justice for Barb. The two have a secret mission to infiltrate Hawkins Lab and get a recording of Dr. Owen basically confessing to Barb’s death and the circumstances resulting in the cover-up. That led to them traveling to Chicago to meet with Murray Baumann, the investigative journalist working for Barb’s parents, to give him the truth. It’s there that Murray is convinced the two are a couple and can stay overnight on the guest bed.

Both were so quick to say they weren’t together (again) as the sexual tension was too much to avoid. With both trying to fall asleep in separate rooms, their hormones wouldn’t let it go. Nancy opened the door from her room and Jonathan was there waiting for her. They kissed. They really kissed, then proceeded to go into the room where the door closed.

We can only let our wild imaginations fill in what took place behind closed doors. But it was a moment that likely resulted in much excitement from fans who have wanted the two to get together since season 1. Now, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the pair of monster hunters turned lovers.