Stranger Things 2: The 6 best fan service moments

Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix
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Credit: Stranger Things – Netflix
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Lucas and Max

Max was the new girl in school and she made quite the impression on Lucas and Dustin. It wasn’t positive at first because she broke Dustin’s high score at the arcade. That led to the fascination about Max who moved from California with her family and she had a mysterious past we still don’t know the details about. Dustin had a crush and Lucas did too. In the end, Lucas and Max had the electricity so Dustin stood down and Lucas and Max developed a little relationship that culminated with a big kiss at the Snow Ball in the season finale. It was a sweet moment.

Lucas has grown so much from the first season to now and he’s so mature and grounded and thoughtful and becoming quite a nice young man. I don’t know what the state of their relationship will be in the next season, but I’m rooting for these two. They seem good together and in a season that saw the formation of a number of duos or partnerships, this one really came out of nowhere. But sometimes those are the best surprises and I can’t wait to see what’s next for these two.