Stranger Things 2: The 6 best fan service moments

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Stranger Things 2
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Dustin and Steve

One of the more unlikely pairings entering Stranger Things 2 was Dustin and Steve but after watching them together, I’m ready for their spin-off series. Dustin was the odd-man out in the love triangle with Lucas and Max but he found a companion in Dart, his new slimy pet, to shower with affection.

Steve, meanwhile, was dumped by Nancy and was getting bullied by new kid Billy. Both were feeling alone and down in the dumps until their paths crossed. With Dustin having a Dart crisis on his hands and unable to find Lucas, he goes to Mike’s house to see if he’s there. When he comes up empty, he runs into Steve who was there to give roses to Nancy and try to win her back.

That’s when Dustin asked Steve if he still had that bat he used to take some swings on the Demogorgon in season 1. You know, the one with the nails. Steve had it and went to Dustin’s so he could kill Dart who had just eaten the family cat and was a baby Demogorgon. Dart was missing so that led to an adventure for the two as they walked along train tracks, in a scene reminiscent of Stand By Me, leaving a trail of fresh meat for Dart to find them. There was also an important conversation about girls as Steve said the key was acting like you’re not interested, and that’s how girls will be interested in you. He also dished on some very important hair care tips to offer some comedic relief to take the stress away from this runaway monster.

Later, they set a trap to contain him but it turned into a disaster when multiple demo-dogs showed up ready to eat. Steve stood tall and protected Dustin as well as Lucas and Max who joined in the adventure. Steve left the safety of the bus to take some hacks at the beasts until they left. It was a story of redemption for Steve which began after he returned to the Byers home with the aforementioned baseball bat in season 1 to help fight the Demogorgon.

He was a bad guy but now he’s the best babysitter in Hawkins.