Stranger Things 2: The 6 best fan service moments

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Stranger Things 2
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Joyce and Bob

Sean Astin was one of the new actors to join the Stranger Things 2 cast as Bob Newby. Bob was a high school classmate of Joyce and Hopper and had a reputation as a bit of a nerd who had the nickname “Bob the Brain” and was the founder of the Hawkins AV Club. He works at Radio Shack and is the new boyfriend of Joyce as the season opens. It was so nice to see Joyce happy for a change after she was a clenched fist for all of season one after her son Will disappeared into the Upside Down.

Bob was a great comfort for Joyce who brought some safety and consistency to her life. He was a nerd, but that’s what she needed at that time. He may have been a departure from other boyfriends or her ex-husband, but that was a good thing. He may have liked Kenny Rogers and been afraid of scary movies, but Bob was a real hero.

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Bob did his best to help Will when he was having visions of a monster that Dr. Owen attributed to PTSD as the anniversary of his abduction was approaching. Bob told Will about nightmares he had as a kid and how he confronted his fears in his nightmare and that solved the problem. Will tried to confront his fears, but it had the opposite of the intended effect as the monster took over his body. But Bob’s intentions were good!

The ending of Bob and Joyce wasn’t a “fan-favorite moment” as it ended with Bob being eaten by the demo-dogs in Hawkins, but what led up to that moment will never be forgotten. Bob saved Joyce, Will, Mike and Hopper after he restored the power and unlocked all the doors in the lab so they could escape. He had to evade the demo-dogs that roamed the halls and just when it looked like he’d make it to safety, he was pounced on by one of the beasts and ripped apart in front of Joyce.

We will remember Bob Newby, superhero.