Stranger Things 2, episode 7 review: The Lost Sister

Credit: Stranger Things - Tina Rowden - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Tina Rowden - Netflix /

Eleven takes a trip in “The Lost Sister,” episode 7 of Stranger Things 2. Here’s our review and grade for the episode.

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Stranger Things has been slowly building toward the events of “The Lost Sister,” episode 7 of Stranger Things 2, since the beginning. Everything with Eleven’s mom, the other girl in the rainbow room and basically all the questions surrounding Eleven’s past and future came together in this episode. And, it needed to happen this way. Spoilers ahead! 

In “The Lost Sister,” Terry Ives, Eleven’s mother, uses her powers to connect Eleven to her sister. At this point, we just know her as “Eight” based on the numbered branding on her arm we saw in the first scene of Stranger Things 2. Eleven takes a bus to Chicago to seek her out, and there Eleven finds her sister, who goes by the name “Kali” and has powers that make others see what she wants them to see. In other words, she’s an illusionist.

Kali, with her group of weirdos, try to find those who used to work for the Hawkins National Lab and kill them. They’re a group of assassins, and they want Eleven to join their team and help them kill these bad people. After trying to make it work, Eleven eventually realizes this place is not her home and decided to return to Hawkins to help her friends and new family.

“The Lost Sister” is an interesting title for this episode for a few reasons. For those who saw the titles before the season and then saw the beginning of Stranger Things 2, “The Lost Sister” seemed like a reference to this character, Kali and her powers. In a way, it is. But, I think this title is a reference to Eleven and her journey.

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After the blow up with Hopper, all the stuff with her mother and just her whole life in general, Eleven has been searching for something. She had it in the first eight episodes with Mike, and then Dustin and Lucas, and then she had it for a while with Hopper at the beginning of this season. As she searched for her place in the world, she was clearly “lost.” By the end of this episode, she has found her way and is returning home. This episode really had nothing to do with Eleven’s sister; it was all about her journey home.

I’ve seen some complaining this episode was basically a buzzkill from the events “The Spy,” episode 6, and I understand that to a certain extent. We ended the last episode on an adrenaline rush. But, for this story to move forward in a way that made sense, we needed Eleven to find something she was looking for. She needed to realize who her true family was and return to them, especially when they needed her help.

Of Eleven’s arc and character development, this episode is the most crucial yet. Eleven can finally stop chasing this sense of belonging. She finally knows where she belongs, and that’s with Mike, Will, Hopper and the rest of the Hawkins Heroes. And, she’s their only hope moving forward.

B+. . Stranger Things . S2E7. The Lost Sister

If I can make a prediction, I don’t think this is the last we see of Roman either. The Duffer Brothers would not open Stranger Things 2 with her to use her for one episode, and it’s clear Eleven and Roman have a connection. Could they use that connection to take down all these demogorgons, the Shadow Monster and the Upside Down in Hawkins? We’ll find out soon.