Stranger Things 2, episode 5 review: Dig Dug

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Our review for Stranger Things 2, episode 5 “Dig Dug” and our grade for the episode. Did the episode live up to the hype?

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Will feels connected to the Shadow Monster. He thinks he’s having a dream but he can’t remember it unless he thinks really hard. Now he remembers all the time. He’s trembling and soaked in sweat. Mike tries to tell him he’s spying on the Shadow Monster and all of this is happening for a reason. Will worries the monster will find out they’re spying on him. Hopper was trying to spy on it when he wanders through the tunnels underground where little monsters are spitting some sort of goo on him that causes him to pass out underground while the “vines” repair the hole he used to enter this plane.

Will has a vision that Hopper is in trouble, which is a role reversal from last season when Hopper and Joyce went into the Upside Down to rescue Will. Not Will is drawing these pictures he’s seeing in his head that leads to Hopper, but they don’t know how to decipher it. Thankfully, Joyce’s new boyfriend Bob is there to save the day. He cracks the code and determines it’s a map of Hawkins.

Bob and Joyce go underground to find Hopper who was wrapped up by the vines. They are inside Will’s map. They rescue Hopper from the vines that are strangling him and the scientists from Hawkins descend upon the scene and break out their flame-throwers to burn it all. The interconnected relationship between Will and the shadow monster is deep as Will doubles over in pain and starts shaking as he falls to the ground as the vines are burned.

He is the monster.


Eleven visits her momma. She learns she’s not healthy and repeats the same phrase over and over in front of the TV. Eleven’s aunt tells her she’s stuck in a dream and isn’t going to get better, but her aunt tells her that her mom always believed that she’d come home one day.

Eleven puts on her blindfold to communicate with momma after the lights flickered throughout the house in a sign that she wanted to talk to her daughter.

Breathe, sunflower, rainbow, three to the right, four to the left, 450.

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Terry is in labor, her sister telling her to breathe, she sees sunflowers when she wakes in the hospital room after giving birth and her sister tells her the baby wasn’t breathing. She opens the safe (three to the right, four to the left) to retrieve a gun. She goes to Hawkins Lab and shoots the guard before finding the room with the rainbow outside that held Jane (Eleven and another girl we are led to believe is 008 from the opening scene in the premiere). After she gets caught, Dr. Brenner straps her to a hospital bed and puts electrodes on her brain for some shock therapy. He turns the machine all the way up to 450.

Another big clue revealed about the hidden meaning behind that string of words.


Nancy and Jonathan are on the run, staying in a hotel, in separate beds as they can’t help but laugh at the deja vu of it all how they only seem to hang out when the world is about to end. They visit Murray Bauman to give him the truth about Barb’s disappearance and who Eleven really is. The story is too strong for anyone to believe so they have to “water it down” and come up with a story everyone will believe.

B. . Stranger Things. S2E5. Dig Dug

A lot to like about this episode, especially Eleven finding her momma and the truth behind the words Terry repeats. That was one of the big teases fans had before the season started. We still need to get more details about what Hawkins did to Jane and the others after ripping her from her mother’s arms.

No movement on Dart, other than Dustin has it locked away and he may need Steve to use his baseball bat with the nails to kill it.

The real takeaway for me is Will and the monster being too connected that Will can see its memories and feel its pain. How can they defeat the monster without defeating Will at the same time?

We’ll have to keep watching to find out…