Stranger Things 2, episode 2 review: Trick or Treat, Freak

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Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

Here is our review of the second episode of Stranger Things 2, “Trick or Treat, Freak” and our grade for the episode.

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This was a great episode that opened with what happened to Eleven after she defeated the Demogorgon at the end of season 1. She was taken to the Upside Down where she was terrified and screaming for Mike. She finds the door to the real world and climbs through the slimy substance to get back to reality. She goes immediately to Mike’s house where the police and FBI are there asking about Eleven’s whereabouts. Mike tells them he’d never tell them even if he did know. He thinks he catches a glimpse of her shadow as she stood outside the window but there is no reunion just yet. She leaves crying in the middle of a field before trying to convince Hopper she could dress up as a ghost and go trick-or-treating with her friends. Hopper puts an end to that notion right away.

Hopper investigates the pumpkin patches where all the crops and trees are dead and there is a noticeable stench and the trees are covered in a slimy substance. He’s late for the scary movie night with Eleven. He tries to bribe Eleven with candy when he gets back, but she’s mad, and after spending al day watching soap operas and whatever else on TV, she uses her powers to transport to see Mike who tries to contact her through the walkie-talkie. She can see him but he can’t see her and it breaks her heart she’s left in tears.

More of Eleven’s time before she met Hopper was revealed. She was wondering astray in the snow-covered wilderness, eating squirrels and stealing coats and hats from unsuspecting hunters. She’s just feeling very alone in this world and her paternal figure, Hopper, isn’t holding up his end of the bargain, at least not yet.


There’s something strange in the neighborhood… Who you gonna call, Ghostbusters! Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will dress up for Halloween, including proton packs and containment units. They invite Max to go trick-or-treating with them, but Mike thinks she’s ruining the best night of the year. Speaking of ruining the night, Will gets teased by some bullies who call him Zombie Boy and has a vision he’s back in the Upside Down and the Shadow Monster is closing in on him. Wil tells MIke he’s stuck between the two worlds and then Mike tells Will that Eleven would understand. They both kinda bond over the feeling that they think they’re going crazy. At least they’ll go crazy together.

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Nothing is going to go back to the way it was, but it’ll get better in time is what Hopper tells Joyce after she shows him the drawing of the monster Will saw the previous night. She just wants this to be over. He does too. Everyone does.

There’s trouble in paradise with Nancy and Steve after she got drunk at a Halloween party and told her beau that everything is bulls**t, including loving him. He leaves. Jonathan is there to the rescue and takes her home and tucks her in bed. He’s the good guy, but will Nancy realize that and could there be a new love connection? It’s what the fans want. Nancy may just need to be on her own for a while though until she can fully process everything that happened with Barb. She’s having visions of Barb in school and wants to come clean, no matter the risk it presents.

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We’re moving along slowly in the start of Stranger Things 2. There is a lot to set up with the new characters and angles they will go with their storyline. But one thing is clear, Will and Mike are getting closer because of their feelings of losing their minds. Lucas and Dustin are crushing hard on the mysterious Max, Joyce and Bob are getting hot and heavy and whatever is causing the crops to die and the trees to be covered in slime sounds like a problem that only Eleven can solve.