Stranger Things 2: New clips reveal someone is watching our heroes in Hawkins (Video)

Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

Nine new clips from Stranger Things 2 show someone has surveillance on all the heroes in Hawkins following the events of the first season of Stranger Things.

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Netflix released nine new clips from Stranger Things 2. Unlike anything we have seen so far, these clips reveal all of our favorite characters are being watched and monitored following the events of the first eight episodes.

In the clips, we see a wall of monitors with about a dozen screens and each screen is from a different hidden camera somewhere in Hawkins, including Hopper’s office, random exterior locations, Will’s bathroom, Mike’s basement and so on. It likely means those with the Hawkins National Laboratory have increased their surveillance on our heroes in Stranger Things 2.

Throughout the first eight episodes of Stranger Things, we saw those at the Hawkins National Laboratory, led by Dr. Brenner, were basically spying on Hawkins residents. Phones were tapped; they were monitoring the airwaves. We also saw they had bugged Chief Hopper’s home, as well as several other places in Hawkins, including the Byers’ house.

In these new clips, it looks like there is a lot more surveillance going on than there was in the first episodes. In Stranger Things 2, it looks like all of our heroes, including Nancy, Mike, Will, Dustin, Eleven, Lucas, Hopper and Jonathan, are being watched from the Hawkins National Lab, or so they want us to believe.

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We have shared all nine videos below. After each video finishes, the next one pops up in the middle of the video. Just click on it to play the next video.

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It makes sense why someone is concerned about these residents of Hawkins. Frankly, they have seen too much and know too much, and most importantly, they could cause a real panic by sharing what they have seen and know with the community and world. I’m worried what will happen if one of the heroes tries to go public with that they know. We’ve already seen what happens to those who get in the National Lab’s way. Rest in peace, Benny.

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The creepiest part about these videos is not the surveillance; we sort of learned about it in the trailers to Stranger Things 2. But, the coughing from whoever is watching gives me the creeps.

Stranger Things 2 premieres Friday, Oct. 27. While you wait, check out our full Stranger Things 2 preview for everything you need to know about the new episodes.

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