Stranger Things: 13 TV and movie monsters scarier than the Demogorgon

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8. Real life serial killers

Look, serial killers are fun to learn about. Not because we like them but rather because they’re interesting to look into their minds. But they are also absolutely terrifying because these are real-life monsters who murdered.

The two most infamous (and arguably the most terrified) is Ted Bundy and Charles Manson. Manson created an entire community where people did his bidding for him. It’s terrifying.

Now is it fair to categorize these men as monsters? To me, yes, but to many they still believe in the beliefs that Bundy and Manson held to (which is even more terrifying than just being fascinated with learning about them all.

I think why serial killers are so freaky is because they could be anyone. They’re the monsters lurking beside us as we go through our lives and we never know when they’re going to strike. They could be your neighbor, your coworker, or even your friend. It’s part of the fascination behind new Netflix Original series Mindhunter.

Freaks you out to think about it that way, right? Well, that’s why, to me, serial killers are absolutely worse than the Demogorgon. They could be anyone and they’re just a normal human being. They’re not supernatural and I think that’s scarier than anything in the Upside Down.