Stranger Things: 13 TV and movie monsters scarier than the Demogorgon

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3. Bruce the Shark (Jaws)

I want to start by saying that A) the shark’s name is not really Bruce and B) I just hate sharks. So this is going to be a little specific to me because I can’t stand them and see them as monsters. Some of you probably think that they’re fine.

But they’re not. They’re evil and they lurk in the waters, waiting to kill us when we’re trying to have fun. So yeah, they’re part of the ecosystem or whatever but they’re not fun and I don’t like them and thus they’re on the monster list.

I’ve named him Bruce because, during the filming of Jaws, that was what they called the robot. Which is fine but still, it is a shark and I don’t like it. He haunts the beaches of Amity Island and makes their lives miserable.

But in the end, it is just pretty terrifying that these things exist and anytime we’re in the ocean, we’re at a risk to be consumed by them because they think we’re some other animal. Honestly, should a shark be on a monster list? Probably not but when I think of a creepy monster that makes me have nightmares, I instantly think of sharks so there you go.