Stranger Things: 13 TV and movie monsters scarier than the Demogorgon

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12. Freddy Krueger

Time for a story of why I think Freddy Krueger is absolutely terrifying. Not only can you not escape from his grasp (he haunts your dreams after all) but he’s also almost indestructible. That’s why there were so many movies of him haunting Elm Street.

But I will say this: Maybe don’t show your children these movies? When I was a kid (prior to the days of a guide telling you what was on), my mother thought she was putting on a nice lawyer show for us to fall asleep to.

You know what movie she put on? The third Nightmare on Elm Street movie. So imagine her surprise when she woke up to a screaming daughter who went crazy because Freddy Krueger was killing people in their dreams.

From that point on, I knew that Krueger was a monster that we all should fear. Not because he’s particularly scary. If anything, he can be funny. But that he is continually haunting us when we can’t control anything is pretty terrifying all on its own.

So is he a scary monster? Definitely. And I’m sure even Freddy would frighten the Demogorgon and that’s not an easy feat. But who isn’t afraid when Freddy’s coming for you?