Stranger Things: 13 TV and movie monsters scarier than the Demogorgon

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11. Chucky

Dolls have no place in the house. Why? Well because they can come to life and murder us like Chucky. When you break down the story, it is a little insane that something like this frightens us. He is, after all, a possessed toy. What damage can he do?

Well, from what we’ve seen, a lot. Chucky can sleep with women and kill people and he doesn’t exactly look like a toy we’d want our kids to have.

For those who don’t remember, Chucky was a kid’s toy that ended up getting possessed by a serial killer. Super fun, right? Well, of course, we all wanted to hide our toys after he emerged on the scene.

He’s not exactly the most terrifying of villains. But he is definitely a monster. He is a serial killer toy. What’s not to hate? So while the Demogorgon might be the more murderous of the two (even though I believe that Chucky killed more people), I still think Chucky is more frightening.

I don’t want my toys to become real-life men that then turn around and kill me. At least I know that the Demogorgon is in the Upside Down in Hawkins, Indiana so we’re all pretty safe here.