Stranger Things: 13 TV and movie monsters scarier than the Demogorgon

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9. Lord Voldemort

Our entire childhood (if you were a Harry Potter fan) was centered around the fact that we were supposed to see Voldemort as a monster. And to be quite honest, we should see him as such. He literally wanted to murder people who were not purebloods. It’s really messed up.

And that he split his soul in parts to remain immortal (how’d that work out for ya buddy) makes him even more terrifying. Basically, he is willing to do whatever it is to share his messed up view of the world. Everything about Voldemort is evil.

So when people want to be Death Eaters? It’s a little strange. Or more frightening than strange. No one should look up to Voldemort. Tom Marvolo Riddle is not someone we should idolize. But still, people do.

Why? Well, your gues is as good as mine but I think it is a little messed up that we blur the lines with him. He’s a bad dude, simple as that. We shouldn’t look up to him or want to be like him at all. And that, to me, makes him a monster.

So, I don’t know, maybe don’t rely on Voldemort as your moral compass but I think he’s definitely worse than the Demogorgon.