Stranger Things: 11 best moments featuring Eleven

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix /
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3. Get out of here, stupid van

Episode: “Chapter Seven: The Bathtub”

Despite what ultimately happens in the finale of season 1, I would contend that Chapter Seven is the most overall intense episode of Stranger Things to date. From the aforementioned bathtub scene where Eleven travels through the Upside Down and finds both Will and Barb, and a litany of other things. Perhaps the most traditionally intense moment, however, is when the kids are discovered and Lucas warns them that the “bad men” are coming. Thus, they go on a chase.

Though we’ll get to the truly awesome moment in just a moment, a big part of why this instance ranks as high on this list as it does is the moment when “Papa” and El make eye contact before the vans chasing bikes scene begins. There’s a moment of determination and terror in Eleven’s eyes that is just impossible to ignore and shake after you see it. It’s another example of why Millie Bobby Brown became so beloved for the job she did with the role and why the character is so phenomenal.

As great as that look is, though, it pales in comparison to what comes next. After the kids think they’ve shaken the “bad men”, they find out that’s not the case. Instead, it looks as if they’re trapped as three vans are behind them and one is racing straight towards them. That’s when El uses her ability to essentially monkey flip the van coming at the group and have it drop in front of the others, allowing the group to get away.

What more is there to say — she flipped a freakin’ van with her mind.