Stranger Things: 11 best moments featuring Eleven

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix /
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Stranger Things
Credit: Stranger Things – Curtis Baker – Netflix /

5. The ‘Fight’

Episode: “Chapter Four: The Body”

There truly aren’t many complaints that are worth bringing up when it comes to Stranger Things season 1. However, if we’re nitpicking, one thing that has long bothered me is Troy and James, the two bullies that pick on Mike, Dustin and Lucas (and Will, when he’s around of course). At least to me, they are just slightly over the top throughout the show, and while that’s likely the point, it does seem to be a bit forced in particular moments.

Having said that, one result of their outlandish behavior is that the bullies getting their comeuppance is a fantastic payoff. The first time that this happens is at Hawkins Middle School after an assembly that doubles as a sort of funeral for Will.

During the assembly, Mike and his friends look over and see Troy and James laughing at what’s being said. After the fact, Mike confronts them about it, which causes Troy to just insult their lost friend. Overcome with anger, Mike pushes Troy down and a fight is about to start when El gets involved.

Troy is cocking his fist back to punch Mike when Eleven uses her powers to stop him in his tracks. For added measure, she makes the now frozen Troy urinate in his pants, this happening in front of a good portion of the school who’s still in the gymnasium after the assembly. Granted, this moment sets up a scary scene later in the show, but it’s pretty incredible to see El both flex her powers and stand up for her friends in this moment.