Stranger Things: 11 best moments featuring Eleven

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9. An introduction

Episode: “Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers”

One thing that was mentioned previously about Stranger Things season 1 is that it doesn’t exactly come out of the gate rife with action. Yes, there is mystery and intrigue, but things really pick up in the second half of the season in terms of the action and drama. However, one of the driving forces of the early episodes is the mystery surrounding Eleven. And that’s all set up with her introduction as she wanders into the diner owned by Benny.

There is so much to love about this scene. For one, the innocence of Eleven is portrayed perfectly with Brown’s acting in the scene. Yes, she’s initially trying to steal food — but the expression on her face conveys the complete opposite of malice. What’s more, viewers start to get to the intrigue around the character with the “11” tattoo on her arm, thus giving her that moniker for the rest of the season.

Moreover, this is also the first time that we get a taste of what El is capable of in terms of her powers. How the Duffer Brothers chose to do this is truly magnificent. Especially considering that the agents posing as social workers would soon come in and kill Benny, they could’ve given away just how powerful Eleven is right out of the gate. Instead, they only gave a glimpse while she’s eating. She simply gets annoyed by the sound of a rickety fan and stops it with her mind. It’s a great moment that does a wonderful job of setting things up.