Stranger Things: 11 best moments featuring Eleven

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2. Returning to the group, with style

Episode: “Chapter Six: The Monster”

Briefly mentioned in the bit about Eleven stealing waffles was that it led to a seminal moment in the entire season. That would be this one. As stated, El ran away from the group after hurting Lucas and ultimately betraying the trust of the group by messing with the compasses.

While the boys are without their new companion, Dustin and Mike run into Troy and James, who aren’t messing around. Troy threatens Dustin with a knife if Mike doesn’t essentially jump off of a cliff. Things look exceptionally dire in that moment, so much so that Mike actually steps off the edge. However, that’s where our hairless heroine comes into the fold once again.

Seeing what’s transpiring, she levitates Mike and lifts him back up to the cliff. She then disarms James and breaks Troy’s arm before telling them to be-gone. Viewers getting to see Elven in this context is so huge. Not only does it show her loyalty and feelings for the boys, but it also shows how much stronger she’s become in a truly great fashion. It’s just a phenomenal instance in the show.

If that weren’t enough, she then reconciles with Mike and Dustin in another touching moment. Her understanding of friendship is becoming clearer, and she made a grand gesture to apologize for betraying the bond that the group had formed. And though Lucas wasn’t there at the time, it’s a truly great moment that really progresses Eleven into being a fully formed character.