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The kids of Stranger Things undoubtedly stole our hearts, but none more so than Eleven. A look at Millie Bobby Brown’s character’s best moments in season 1.

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Whenever the Duffer Brothers created Stranger Things, they obviously put great care into all of it. From the writing to the casting to the direction, it was all incredibly well done. However, there’s almost no chance that they expected the homage to 80s cult horror films and shows to be the smash hit that it ended up being.

It’s not difficult to see why that ended up being the case, however. In addition to a truly creative plot, stunning visual effects and numerous other things, the kids that comprise the majority of the main roles in the series were simply phenomenal. Most would find it impossible to not find their idealistic and blissful views of the world and friendship endearing. Having said that, none among the kids stole hearts quite like Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

Though Stranger Things season 1 is ultimately about the search to bring Will Byers home, it’s also very much about Eleven (or “El”) searching for her identity and place in the world after her escape. With her powers, her idiosyncrasies and the bond she forms with the boys, you find yourself engrossed in her journey as a character. She owns the screen every time she’s on camera and is the catalyst for many of the shows best scenes and moments.

The good news is that, despite how season 1 ended, El will be back for Stranger Things 2, which drops on Friday, Oct. 27. Before the new season blesses us, though, let’s appreciate the greatness of her character by looking at the 11 best Eleven moments from season 1.

11. Revelation of the Upside Down

Episode: “Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat”

Even having watched the show multiple times, it’s easy to forget how slowly some of the key elements of season 1 develop. That’s not meant as a critique as much as just an observation. A prime example of that pertains to the Upside Down. Considering that the alternate dimension plays such a critical role in the show, you would think that it comes about relatively early in the eight-episode season. That’s not the case, however.

It actually takes until Chapter Five for that to take place, and it’s Eleven who brings to light where Will disappeared to. To this point, Barb has also disappeared from the party that she went to with Nancy, Joyce has chopped through her living room wall, and they’ve communicated with Will. However, what no one can piece together is where the child went missing. That’s why this moment is so great, in addition to being so critical to the progression of the plot.

Without Eleven’s extensive knowledge of the Upside Down and the horrors it holds, there would be no chance that Will would ever be found. Thus, her relaying this information ultimately opens the doors for the missing child to eventually be returned home.

However, what makes the moment even better is how El goes about explaining it — flipping over the board game to show the alternate dimension, and thus giving it the name the Upside Down. It’s a simple moment, but one that should be revered as iconic for the show.