Stranger Things: 13 scenes that pulled on our heartstrings

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10. The body in the quarry

Episode: 3

Will’s “body” is found in the quarry at the end of episode three, seemingly at only the beginning of the journey to rescue the boy.

While viewers realize that finding Will dead would be a very unlikely ending for his search party, Hopper is living this; he doesn’t know the corpse isn’t real. While officials pull the body from the water, he watches, buried in the crowd. His eyes close once, briefly: a sign that his work and hopes have been for naught.

Behind him, Mike is a having a more overtly emotional reaction. He lashes out, yelling at Eleven and making angry accusations. Perhaps this is what gives Hopper’s attitude even more gravitas and meaning.

Here, he must confront his own failures. He must confront another child’s death.

As you’ll recall, before the series begins, Hopper lost his own daughter, Sarah. Flashbacks reveal to us his powerlessness over the situation, his inability to save her. In the world of Stranger Things, children are not safe.

This moment of focus on Hopper is very quick; blink and you’ll almost miss it. Still, that one moment, where he closes his eyes and just breathes, it carries the weight of years of mourning and living with failure. It explains his apartment, littered with beer cans. His constant smoking. His cavalier attitude about sexual relationships. This is a grieving man, who has failed to fill a void.

Even ignoring Mike’s heartbreaking response, this is easily one of the most gut-wrenching, hard to watch scenes of the entire series so far.