Stranger Things: 13 scenes that pulled on our heartstrings

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12. “In case you forgot what he looks like.”

Episode: 2

After Will’s disappearance, Joyce quickly starts to lose her grip on real life. She becomes obsessed with getting her son back (who can blame her?), and kind of neglects the son she still has at home.

Consequently, Jonathan spends a lot of his time picking up the pieces of his home life. He hangs posters of Will’s face after the abduction, and when his brother’s “body” is found, he is even the one who has to go shopping for a casket.

Thankfully, he’s mature far beyond his years and does his best to put aside his own interests and really figure out where Will went. When he can’t immediately find him, he heads out to his dad’s house to see if Will went there.

While I’m sure he expected what he thought was the worst, Lonnie gave him more than he bargained for. Jonathan meets a new girlfriend at the front door and then gets pushed around by his overly-lackadaisical deadbeat dad.

In response to Jonathan’s questioning about why Lonnie wouldn’t just return Joyce’s frantic calls, the latter shrugs nonchalantly and blows him off: “I assumed she just forgot where he was.”

It’s totally unfair for any kid to have a parent like this, and it’s clear that—although he tries to stay tough—Jonathan feels hurt and abandoned by his loser father as any child would.

On his way to leave Lonnie, he shoves a poster of missing Will into his chest: “In case you forgot what he looks like.”