Stranger Things: 13 scenes that pulled on our heartstrings

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Stranger Things
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2. Flickering lights

Episode: 8

The rules of the Upside Down are still a little hazy, but there is one thing we know for sure: communication between worlds is possible.

After they burn the Demogorgon, Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve wait in the Byers house, calculating their next move. As they wait, though, the Christmas lights begin to flicker. At first, the teens seem scared, but Jonathan quickly begins to realize it’s not the monster messing with the electricity: “Mom,” he whispers quietly. “Is that you?”

Indeed, Joyce is there, too, but in the Upside Down. She hears his message, and calls back tentatively, “Jonathan?”

As he listens, Jonathan’s eyes fill with tears.

Seriously, this I such a beautiful scene that demonstrates the love and trust between Joyce and Jonathan. While the latter spent the first half of season one in disbelief of his mother, this is clearly his truest redeeming moment.

He knows she is in the Upside Down. He knows she will save Will.

Joyce, on the other hand, has always been a true believer. When Will disappeared, she never gave up hope. Her heart has always been open to “stranger” possibilities, including those that border on fantasy.

Perhaps that’s why this scene is so wonderful: Joyce isn’t crazy, she’s just a really intuitive mother. She will go to all lengths to protect her children.

Lonnie’s crack at her earlier in the season (“I assumed she just forgot where [Will] was”) could not have been more off base. While Joyce has her weaknesses, she is still a good parent.