Stranger Things: 13 scenes that pulled on our heartstrings

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3. Tending Jonathan’s hand

Episode: 8

In an extreme act of bravery, Jonathan and Nancy attempt to lure in the Demogorgon via freshly spilled blood. They lay out bear traps and come ready with spiked baseball bats and handguns, as they wait for the beast to appear for its next kill.

For the fresh blood, they slit their hands. Nancy helps Jonathan to clean up his wound with a fresh bandage and a healthy dose of sexual tension. As they sit together on his couch, her wrapping the wound, they briefly think they hear the Demogorgon coming. Jonathan comforts Nancy. “It’s just the wind,” he assures her. “Don’t worry.”

When she’s done wrapping, it’s not a surprise to see her fingers lingering on his, perhaps party in fear, but mostly (I’d guess) in attraction. “Nancy?” Jonathan asks quietly, making some intense eye contact. “Yeah?”

He’s going for it! This is the moment! J + N = Forever!

Andddd then Steve knocks on the door and totally ruins the moment.

What a moment it was, though! I’ll be shipping Jonathan and Nancy pretty hard into season two, and it’s all thanks to tense moments like these that are teasing a long-awaited kiss (at the very least!).

The drama of this scene is enhanced by the tension already created by waiting for the Demogorgon. Fear and love always seem to magnify one another.

While giving us an actual kiss may have felt a little corny in such an intense moment, the Duffer Bros cleverly broke the tension by reintroducing Steve. They keep us on the hook and make that eventual embrace all the more rewarding when it comes next season (*crosses fingers*).