Stranger Things: 13 scenes that pulled on our heartstrings

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Stranger Things
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4. “You’re a very brave girl.”

Episode: 7

Alright, alright, I’ve included another Joyce scene on this list. Although she spends most of her time on the show sobbing or freaking out, this is a rare, quiet moment of emotional intensity.

A little context: before Eleven can head into the sensory deprivation tank, preparations have to be made. Lucas and Dustin take pool duty, Hopper and Jonathan handle the salt, and Joyce makes Eleven some black-out glasses. She gives them to her personally in some back room of the school.

While it’s just the two of them, she thanks her for what she is doing for Will. “You’re a very brave girl,” she tells her. Joyce has seen the Demogorgon. She knows the danger it poses.

More importantly, though, she promises to be there with Eleven the whole time. El is a girl of few words, but it’s clear the gravity of the moment is not lost on her. She’s taking on Joyce’s emotions along with her own.

When she finally heads into the bath, Joyce is holding her hand the whole time. Still, she’s constantly concerned and that must weigh on Eleven.

This scene is low-key emotional for two reasons. Yes, Joyce is still obviously freaked/hopeful/sad as she’s on the cusp of making contact with Will. Try as she might to wish El well though, these emotions are still swirling around inside of the 12-year-old. It’s a burden that would be hard for anyone to bear, much less a kid who’s already scared of going into a deprivation tank with a freaking monster.