Stranger Things: 13 scenes that pulled on our heartstrings

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5. Apologies

Episode: 7

Despite bad feelings from previous episodes, the gang gets back together in episode seven to outrun a fleet of “bad men” vans.

After a warning from Lucas, Mike and the rest of the crew truck out to meet him on the open road. Brenner and co. are hot on their tail, trying to retrieve Eleven and take her back to the lab. After a turn down one neighborhood street, they find themselves trapped in by vans.

Thankfully, it’s El to the rescue!

She flips a van right off the ground and over their heads, effectively clearing a path and blocking the remaining vehicles. The gang heads off to recover.

Once they’ve stopped to catch their breath, the boys express that they’re a little overwhelmed. Dustin starts in, “Did you see what she did to that van? I mean that was—.“ “Awesome,” Lucas finishes for him. “It was awesome.”

The pair makes up, mutually expressing that they both shared the blame.

This moment is so wonderfully redemptive. The conflict between Eleven and Lucas had gone on for several episodes of the season by that point, so it was nice to finally see them agreeing to move forward and be friends. It’s essentially one small resolution that we get as an extra morsel before the actual season climax.

When Eleven acknowledges, “Friends don’t lie. I’m sorry, too,” I feel like my heart could burst. This is the kind of growth we expect from well-written characters. These two are easily more mature than some adults I know.