10 reasons Barb on Stranger Things is the best TV sidekick ever

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Stranger Things
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3. Her advice is realistic and humorous

When it comes to advice, Barb is the queen of one-liners and eyebrow raises. When Nancy tries to insist that her make-out with Steve was a one-time thing, all Barb has to do is raise that brow and Nancy’s smiling nervously and revising her story.

Other times, she’s confidently telling it like it is. When Nancy wants to go to Steve’s party, Barb tells her point-blank that Nancy is being an idiot if she thinks her time spent there will be innocent. “Come on, you are not this stupid,” she chastises. Barb is so sure of herself and it is so admirable.

While Nancy—the one who actually ends up losing her virginity that night—blushes and protests, Barb bluntly says, “It’ll probably just be, like, a big orgy.” She even calls Nancy out for wearing a new bra.

You really have to love how to-the-point Barb is. She doesn’t try to physically restrain Nancy from making bad decisions; instead, she simply warns her and manages to still find some humor in the situation.

I really love her final moments with Nancy, when she gives her one last warning before she heads upstairs with Steve. “This isn’t you,” she says firmly. Barb is so sure of herself. And, clearly, her advice is correct.

Later in the season, Nancy seems to really regret her decision to sleep with Steve. When she wakes up after, he clearly doesn’t seem to care as much about what they did as she does. When she returns home, she seems emotional as she confronts her mother in the hallway.