10 reasons Barb on Stranger Things is the best TV sidekick ever

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix /
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Stranger Things
Credit: Stranger Things – Curtis Baker – Netflix /

In the large canon of trusty sidekicks, Barb Holland has a special place.

From episode one of Stranger Things, she was an immediate fan favorite. She kept Nancy in check, knew how to straight work a pair of glasses, and even inspired the well-deserved hashtag #JusticeForBarb.

Shannon Purser did an awesome job bringing the character to life. In just three short episodes, she grounded Barb, in reality, crafting her as smart, level-headed, and just a dang good friend.

Her time on the show was brief (sigh), but obviously impactful. Before Stranger Things, Purser was virtually unknown. Now, she’s landing roles on rising giants like Riverdale and was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy for outstanding guest actress in a drama series.

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While the Demogorgon was killed at the end of season one, I’m still not sure justice for Barb (and Shannon’s great performance) was really served. Weren’t we all still holding out hope for most of the season that we’d find her safe and just chilling with Will in the Upside Down, ready to resume her rightful place as Nancy’s sage best friend?

Alas, we live in a cruel world in which Barb will not be returning for Stranger Things season two. However, the writers have promised redemption in coming episodes. If they don’t deliver, we riot.

So sure, Dwight Schrute or Dr. Watson might have more name power right now. But let’s take a look at Barb: TV’s real secondary hero. If she couldn’t get her full due on the show, let’s give her some credit here. Check out these 10 reasons why Barb is the best TV sidekick.