11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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8. What are the limits of Eleven’s powers?

As season one develops we see more and more of what Eleven can do. It starts off by floating Millennium Falcons and finishes with vaporizing a living being. So here is a list of what we’ve seen so far:

  • Levitating objects
  • Crushing Coke cans
  • Finding people, hearing their voice and projecting it onto nearby speakers
  • Cause a really big ripple in a lake (kinda lame, but whatever)
  • Squeezing bladders
  • Making Mike fly
  • Throwing Lucas
  • Shutting doors (handy)
  • Snapping necks and other limbs
  • Making a van flip through the air (awesome)
  • Causing people’s eyes to bleed/brains burst
  • Tearing a living creature into atoms

Basically, don’t piss off Eleven.

This is a pretty impressive list of powers but this may not be the full extent of her abilities. Telekinesis, bio-kinesis, astral projection and telepathy are all in her vocabulary. But how she uses them could expand in season two.

We know she can seek out people and listen to them on the astral plane, but is she able to mind read? Take that one step further and she could perhaps mind control like a Jedi. (“These aren’t the Eggos you’re looking for”). That could be a real game-changer in the Stranger Things universe.

It was a ‘wow’ moment in season one when she makes Mike fly through the air as he jumps off the cliff. But how cool would it be to see Eleven making herself fly? That would be some real ‘Dark Phoenix’ territory. Dark Phoenix is a character from the X-Men comics. She was once Jean Grey, an X-Man with telekinetic and telepathic powers. Sound familiar?

Eleven is an orphan with a chip on her shoulder against her captors. We have already seen her kill dozens of Government soldiers and agents. Could her power corrupt her into something more sinister? If you remember in the first season there was a whole episode where Lucas was accusing Eleven of being ‘the monster’. Could that be some clever foreshadowing?