11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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7. Are there other Elevens?

The clue is in the name. It stands to reason that there must be a One, a Two and (at least) up to a Ten. And who knows how many more? Eleven may not be the last numbered child but simply the most powerful. It is possible there are dozens more.

The Department of Energy facility certainly looks big enough to house more than a few paranormally gifted children. And we don’t even know that they are all children? There could be an entire wing of fully grown adults with powers in that building.

Along those lines there is a more gruesome question: if there are no others like Eleven anymore, then where did they all go? Did they get killed by Brenner and the DOE or did they die using their powers? Eleven’s energy drops and nosebleeds don’t look like they are doing her any good.

Also, where does Eleven rank on the Paranormal Child Power Rankings? Is she way beyond anyone else they have ever had or is she run of the mill? She is the only one who has torn a portal between dimensions so that makes you think she is at the more powerful end of the spectrum.

Just before she has her first interaction with the Demogorgon in the black space of her mind Dr. Brenner tells her they are going to make history; that this was ‘first contact’. You get the feeling that Eleven is pretty high up on those Power Rankings. Which brings us to the next mystery…?