11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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6. What other monsters are in the Upside Down?

Something in the Upside Down is laying eggs. Hopper found an empty egg-shell and looked at it as if he had seen ‘Alien’ when it rolled into the Hawkins Movie Theater back in 1979. Those eggs and the tentacle in Will’s body were very reminiscent of the Alien movie franchise. And I think we can presume that it is not the Demogorgon laying those eggs.

It is more likely that there is some kind of ‘queen’ monster dropping those ovoids. Who knows, maybe the Demogorgon is merely the protector of the eggs? A minion gave the task of making sure the little monsterlings hatch without a hitch. It is quite possible that the monster we’ve already seen is only a servant of the real monster (or monsters).

The trailers for season two certainly make you feel that way. If you are on #TeamNoTrailers  I won’t spoil anything for you but there clearly are other entities than the Demogorgon. The question is who or what are these other creatures?

Seeing both Barb and Will entombed in the other dimension makes you think the monsters have more planned for human beings than simply a tasty lunch option. When the monster pulls in the deer in season one he just feasts on its flesh. The humans in the Upside Down seem to be used for other purposes.

Breeding new monsters?  Harvesting human organs or proteins or stomach bile? Perhaps they are mind melding to gain information ahead of an invasion. Whatever they are doing, it can’t be good news for the residents of Hawkins, IN.