11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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5. Who is behind the Hawkins Lab and what do they want?

The shadowy Hawkins National Laboratory is the first thing you see in Stranger Things. It is where the story begins as their experimentation with Eleven unleashes a rip into the Upside Down. From there the Demogorgan comes through and takes Will, sparking the events of season one.

We know that the Department of Energy runs the laboratory but there is much secrecy about the details of the operation. The actual real life DOE is responsible for everything nuclear; reactors, weapons and radioactive waste disposal. But the Hawkins Lab is doing much more than splitting atoms.

We know from Eleven’s flashbacks and Hopper’s digging that they have been investigating telekinetic powers for years. The tests and tasks they had Eleven perform were all geared to help them spy on Russians in the Cold War. They also attempted to get her to kill for them but she wouldn’t do it.

We also saw numerous clips of them spying on the general population; tapping phones and bugging homes. Are they really just a Cold War fighting arm of the US Government or are there more sinister forces at work?

Clearly, they want to cover up the events of season one but I’m sure their interest doesn’t end there. If they were willing to steal a girl with paranormal powers to turn her into a weapon you can be sure as heck they will want to weaponize a Demogorgon or two. Or perhaps there are even more dangerous things on the other side of that dimensional tear…?