11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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4. Is Dr. Brenner really dead?

The golden rule of movies and TV shows is if you didn’t see them die, you can’t be certain they’re dead! Now that doesn’t apply to Barb as we have seen her worm-ridden corpse. But it does apply to Stranger Things’ big government villain Dr. Martin Brenner.

The last time we saw him was in the corridors of Hawkins Middle School where the bloody mess of Eleven’s telekinetic Agent massacre attracted the blood-seeking Demogorgon. As the monster was riddled with bullets we saw it pounce on Dr. Brenner and that was all we got to see.

There was no blood splatter or gore shot. No image of the monster feasting on its kill. No chewed up remains of the white-haired doctor. Simply a cut to the next scene where the monster faces the kids and its own demise.

They took the time to show you every other death so there is a fair chance that Brenner is still alive somewhere. Another thing that convinces me he may have survived is the passive way he accepted the monster attack. He doesn’t yell or run. Instead, he just lets himself get jumped upon. He can’t be in shock because he’s seen this monster before.

From cast lists, promo pictures and trailers it doesn’t look like Matthew Modine’s character is going to feature in Stranger Things 2. However, there could still be a cameo appearance late in the season. Either way, I hope we get some confirmation on the doctor’s fate.